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Extremely Helpful

Tricia was extremely helpful while we were looking to buy our first home. She would not allow us to settle on a house that we didn't feel 100% about. When we got discouraged, she just worked even harder to find our dream home. When looking at homes, Tricia would point things out that may be of concern and explain how big of a financial or logistical burden this issue may be in the future. She listened to both what we wanted and what we were concerned about and was not pushy. This was a big help to us because we were buying our first home and needed some guidance as to what to expect. Once we went under Contract, Tricia took the reigns and really guided us through the stressful closing process so that we had minimal work to do. Overall, I think Tricia is a great realtor and have already recommended her to both friends and family!


Bought a home in Walkersville, MD 2017

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