When listing your home, don’t settle for bad photos. 

Time and time again, I see listings online with horrible pictures… poor quality photos captured by a mobile phone or smart device.  Many of these cell photos have not been enhanced or cropped with user friendly smart phone features. Not the best strategy!

This cell phone photo is dark, poorly framed, and makes this kitchen look tiny and cramped.

Some of these properties are as-is, i.e. foreclosures & fixer uppers.  However, many of the properties listed online with amateur cell photos are attractive homes.  They have been cared for and show pride of ownership. In many cases, the sellers have spent time and money preparing their home for sale in hopes of getting a great offer.  

Which photo is more appealing?

If your agent insists that cell phone photos are just as good as professional photography, call their bluff!  Do your homework and view other listings on the internet.  I bet you notice a huge difference between a professional, bright photo taken with a wide-angle lens and a cell photo.  

This professional photo makes this kitchen look spacious and inviting.

If you’re planning to list your home, know that there’s a huge difference between a professional photo and one taken on a cell phone. Showcase the best features of your home and set yourself apart from the competition. Use professional photography to effectively market your house online. Great photos attract more buyers and help your home sell faster!